Configuring NextCloud for remote access in FreeNAS 11.2 U8

Hello!! I am new to this server management thing and have made a server with FreeNAS. I want to access it outside of my home network. I have installed nextcloud in it but can not figure out how to make it remotely accessible. Trying out options for at least a month now, but no luck. I am using DD-Wrt router and not very good at ports and IPs can someone please help me access this server remotely. I will be very happy if any of you offer assistance. I need a guidance for establishing remote connection with it.

Thanks in advance

You need to setup port forwarding on the DD-WRT to allow it open to the public. If you do so, make sure you have a process to keep it up to date and have strong passwords because as soon as you open things up to the world the bots start trying to log in or look for flaws.

I have tried to set it up but failed. Can you give me
a step by step instructions for establishing port forwarding? I need to know how the IP is chosen and which port is needed to be used. :frowning_face: