Configure Static Wan using isp info

I have PfSense running on a Protectli box.
We are changing from a DHCP Wan connection to a Static.Spectrum is the ISP.
The modem will be bridged so all routing will be handled by the PfSense Box.

I have been furnished with the Static IP connection information from Spectrum
(IP Address,Gateway,Subnet and DNS)
I can add the IP Address and Gateway at the Interfaces/WAN config page.
My question is where do I add the subnet mask and DNS parameters to the
connection info?

Finally do I need to add any new firewall rules since I am moving from DHCP Wan to Static?
Any help would be deeply appreciated.

The subnet mask goes right next to the IP address, in the input field with the leading forward slash symbol. If your ISP provided you with a mask looking like, you need to convert it to CIDR notation.

The DNS is not part of the interface settings, it is configured under System → General Setup → DNS Server Settings. Note though that you don’t have to use your ISP’s DNS server. In fact, I would recommend going with a different provider like Cloudflare or Google (these are the ones that I use and like, there are many others).


Thank you so much for clearly explaining the subnet mask and DNS protocols for PfSense.
This is a Great Forum.

With Spectrum as the ISP, I’d definitely use a different DNS server, I’ve been having problems with Specturm for the past week, and half of the issues are resolving DNS (or lack of resolving).

If I had any other “highspeed” connection choices, I’d be gone from them.