Configure PfSense in "lab" for setting up unit

Hello! this is my first post. I hope I explain the issue correctly.

In Tom’s YouTube videos, he mentions his PfSense Box is behind an existing network.

Can someone give steps on how to set you Pfsense behind another PfSense for the purpose of installation, configuration, learning, etc. so I do not hose my home network?

I cannot get internet access on the box I want to experiment with since it is behind an existing PfSense.

Any help is appreciated

Do you have a host to put a VM on it or are you wanting to have another physical box with PFSense?

Another physical box want to experiment to learn and not break the one that is used for the house
So, it would go : Wan > Home Pfsense > test Pfsense > PC behind for testing and learning

Hopefully this helps.

Yes, this is how I have it, but for some reason, even with a wide open rule on lan to allow averywhere, I get no internet.
Primary PfSense = WAN = Public IP / LAN =
Test PfSense = WAN = (DHCP) / LAN =

For a moment, I could go to wabsites if I used the IP and not the FQDN, but that was it.

Thank you for you time, I forgot to mention my appreciation

Do you have your DNS set under System > General setup? Also set the “Use remote DNS server, ignore local DNS” in the same section. In this case it should be set to