Computer Lab setup tutorial video

Hi Guys!

i love your channel, would love to have a computer lab setup video guide / tutorial for us how wants to learn.

  • Hardware Side
  • Software Side

Kind regards // Marc, Sweden

Are you wanting a video about setting up a computer lab like you would see in schools or a video about a development environment?

I have some experience with dumb terminals (i.e nComputing) and Windows MultiPoint Server.

I have added more since I made this video but it it all mostly the same. I will do an updated one soon.

When it comes to a home/office lab, what you put in it is going to vary by what you’re testing. If you’re doing a lot of Windows stuff, your “lab” might be a single host where you install Hyper-V core and VMs and then a Windows 10 box to manage it. If you’re testing network stuff, then you would have more network gear.

What technologies are you trying to learn/test?

thanks for being so active on here! makes it better than any other forum…plus no bashing here!