Computer / Hacking / Cyber Security Book List

While there is a wealth of knowledge online, reading a book can bring you excellent focus on a subject( there are fewer intrusive pop up ads) This is a list of books recommended by my friends and myself to expand your knowledge in the world of computers, hacking, and cyber security. I have read a lot of these and the rest of them are on my to read list. :slight_smile:

Here is the list in our Amazon Store and I will be adding books as more come to mind or are recommended by my friends in the industry.

While I will admit I am not the avid reader of the 2600 magazine / books I once was, I like going back through my old collection of them from time to time as they were really thought provoking.


Two books I thoroughly enjoyed in College, and have kept, include:

Kurose, James and Keith Ross. Computer Networking - A Top Down Approach Featuring the Internet. 2nd. USA. Pearson: 2003

Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Galvin, Greg Gagne. Operating System Concepts Essentials. USA. Wiley: 2011.

You can get newer editions.

These texts will give you the perspective of what’s under the hood.

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Pick your books carefully read once then read again and make notes with postits as bookmarks. Very useful quick reference. I like having a hard copy in front of me, especially when working with software not in the usual workflow.

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This is why I like e-books. Highlight, take notes, search, etc. Find something you misunderstood so the note is wrong, or only maybe 90% correct, you can change your note to be more accurate. Then one of the bigger pluses, you can always have them with you.

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Yeah, I do some e-books as well but I still like hard copy for some topics for more in depth info as with ZFS or crypto. Make notes in Tomboy Notes or text file to carry with me.

I would also suggest The Cuckoo’s Egg - it’s a classic and touches the personal side of spending crazy amounts of time in front of a computer can do to a guy and his relationships…

I wanted to add the books by Cory Doctorow (both his fiction and non-fiction books) had a great influence on how I think about media, copyright, privacy and how technology could be used against us by government agencies. Also, all of the books he publishes are free to download on his site.

Here are some of the books that I own that I have found helpful:

Blue Team Handbook

Building Virtual Machine Labs

Nmap Cookbook

PenTest+ All-in-One Exam Guide (I’m currently working on this certification.)

And not to take any money away from @LTS_Tom, but if you’re fine with eBooks, you can get access to the entire Packt Publishing library for $9.99/month.

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I added “Cult of the Dead Cow: How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World” and it was an excellent read. So much interesting history about the group and their long lasting and still present influence not just on technology, but on society today.

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CDC, man that brings back memories, and modern ones at that.

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BOK BO2K those were the days the “net” was just emerging the wires were replacing sneaker net and IBM was on the verge of going under. O’ the ninety’s, in this biz ancient history. CDC was the grand-daddy of hacking.


I just finished this book, it was an excellent read.

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Still have some paper copies of 2600 :wink: Use to read Phrack alot as well. Some books I have are:-

Beating the System
Computers Viruses a high-tech disease
Gray Hat Hacking
Hacking Exposed
Hackers Handbook I / II / III
Out of the Inner Circle
The Art of Deception
The Art of Intrusion
The Hacker Crackdown
The Hacker Playbook
We are Anonymous