Comodo as a Company

Hello all, in VLOG 102 earlier today, Tom mentioned that he would never go near any Comodo products due to their business practices. (i.e. shady things with spyware etc)
Could Tom or someone else elaborate please, as google search turns up a few things (i.e Comodo security breach and the wiki article has a few controversies) but nothing overly major that other companies like Symantec etc. haven’t had issues with before. use this as a first step in your research. The search engine will turn up lots of results to wade through.

This aweful product

and this, which is much more than a breach, but a willful disregard for security.

So what do we think of the Comodo One / ITarain product? Same kettle of fish? I use it for my non profits/charity clients.

I would like to hear what others think of the Comodo One/ITarain as well. I do IT Support after hours and the ITarain platform has been working well for those I support…But I defiantly want to find an alternative if I am putting them at any kind of risk!

Due to their previous standards and practices I wouldn’t go near Comodo which now goes under the name of Sectigo