Comcast (Sync Timing issue) + pfSense

Little Bit of Back story. I redid my network about 6 months back to pfsense/UniFi. After a while my mates needed to update their systems also. Mostly cause one friend was having connection issues and to make sure it wasn’t old hardware he just went ahead and updated it was 10-year-old networking equipment. To cut to the point I updated them to my setup.

  • Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1
  • Netgate 2100 BASE pfSense+
  • UniFi WiFi 6 LR
    Poe+ Switch

My system and one other mates’ system works perfect. Now to the issues at hand.
The buddy with Comcast At first was having sky high ping issues randomly. A modem restart would fix the issue for a random amount of time. Comcast did the whole its on your end spill. So, we updated him to the specs up-top. Now the issue is randomly his internet just cuts out and will not come back until a modem reboot. Comcast is stating modem is fine that there is a time sync issue between modem and router. As far as when the issue happens from any device you can still connect and ping to router/switch/UniFi, However if you try to go to the home page of the modem it can’t be found. But yet Some times streams keep playing and no the streams are not cached. But no pings go out. Not even to dns. I have Switched Ethernet cables from modem to router to double check that. The modem and router do seem to stop talking normally at least. Based off my research I don’t think anything is wrong with the modem or router but idk I’m at a loss ill post some screen shots of logs to see if any one can spread some light on if this really is on our side or if its an issue with Comcast. the images of modem are after reboot being as tho i cant get access to it when its at 100% packet loss.
Thanks in advance for any assistance on the matter.
Also if you reboot Pfsense and not modem the issue is still present only after reboot of modem. does the issue resolve its self.
Only aloud one media link cause of new user so ill start with pfsense overview.

Comcast had to change our modem 3 times to get that issue to go away at our office and we have their business class service.


Our Spectrum does this A LOT! About to try upgrading to a DOCSIS 3.1 modem to see if it helps. I so want to get rid of their poor service!!! If only I have other choices available.

Thanks I have had similar issues sporadically. The connection slows to a crawl or just drops then comes back.