Comcast business internet with cradlepoint backup

Anyone in here have a comcast/xfinity business connection using a cradlepoint for cellular backup? I have two clients now that I installed a PFsense firewall for but I can’t get VPN connection due to the cradlepoint being between the firewall and the modem. I’m not even sure how to set the WAN since the IP from the cradlepoint is a private IP which goes to the PFsense firewall. If I set the PFsense WAN as static using the public IP it does not connect to the internet but if I leave it as DHCP it only grabs the private IP of the cradlepoint?

I don’t have this setup, but what I’m picturing is that the cradlepoint is getting the public IP then giving the private IP to PfSense. Based on what I could find about cradlepoint it handles the failover switching. You would need to find out if it’s passing all traffic back to the PfSense or if it’s blocking things such as the VPN. If it’s passing everything then you should be able to use the public IP to connect the VPN. I think you’ll have to uncheck the blocking of Bogon and Private addresses as it will block the cradlepoint. The VPNs will break when it does a failover as your public IP will change between the two connections. Might be able to get around that by using a DDNS provider or having the PfSense box update a DNS entry you have control of.

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately Comcast doesn’t allow you access to the cradlepoint at all. I think I’m just going to tell the clients to either not use it and have Comcast take it off their bill or see if I can build a failover on PFsense and use that to handle switching between the two.

Some vids (youtubes) that might help with that idea:

I’d go for the pfsense failover option, but I know nothing about the Cradlepoint thing. How much does it cost for the service? Just wondering if another supplier could give you a cellular backup and give you a static IP to go with it.