Cloudkey 2+ edge router vs UDM SE

I have a dying HDD ( 5TB) in my Cloudkey 2+ and not been having much luck getting a WD Purple 6TB working on the Cloudkey. It may be extension cable but yet to be proven.
So it time to look at upgrade options. It seems there are some options.

  1. Get a UNVR and still use Cloudkey for network controller. Plus side multiple drives and they are 3.5”. Down side don’t know, hence question
  2. Get a UDM pro probably SE as you can never have too many POE. Then from what I understand I should toss my edgrouter and go with UDM functionality. Plus side new hardware, better integration. Down side still only single drive.

So am I missing anything? Home network 6 cameras, home office etc. fiber to home less than 1 GB fiber.
Hoping new SATA extension cable fixes it.

I prefer using the NVR because it has multiple drives, the edge routers are getting older, not sure when their end of life is.

Have you run into any issues using the cloudkey as system controller and running protect on the NVR?

Got any suggestions for replacing the Edge router. It does seem to still work just fine.
The age of the Edge made me consider a UDM.
Its a shame you can’t run System controller on the NVR. then it might be an easier decision.
Thanks for your insight.

I rarely use a Cloudkey as we more often run the controller software on a Linux system. If the Edge router still works for your needs no need to replace it but do keep in mind that at some point they will probably drop support for it.

Thanks Tom,
I have been trying to really avoid any more distraction but yet another one. :slight_smile: I read your comments on not using Docker. Sounds like it time to set up a VM on a small fanless device and have even less free time.
I shall look into this more soon. BTW after some fiddly work I got the 3.5" working fine in the Cloudkey. The cable is just hanging in free space. I am still fine tuning my 3D printed cable holder for extension cable. I am designing a full replacement part instead of printing a insert and cutting up the Cloudkey part. I will post it on Printables once it works

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I have posted the 3D STL file on Printables
If you wanted to try out my adapter.
It seemed to fit good. Might benefit for a bit of fine tuning as the latch for holding drive seemed to require a bit of adjustment to retain drive. I used a piece of tape as a backup. I was pleased to see that you can hot swap the HDD on a Cloudkey G2 or at least when it popped out while running gave me a message saying drive had been removed. I then pushed it back in and life was good. I don’t recommend doing that but it worked twice for me.