Cloudflare proxy issue with pfsense haproxy

Hi, Everyone.

I have bought a domain from cloudflare and enabled proxy settings for the A records. In my pfsense I have pfblocker enabled and geo blocking enabled. I have configured permit connection for all the IP ranges cloudflare addresses using both ASN and using this site:

My issue is whenever proxy is enabled in cloudflare, it does not go through pfsense. I can see the traffic being allowed by my pfblocker rule (the rule is a floating and I have also configured an allow rule for port 443 in my wan coming from any network)but nothing receive in server (I know this because I have setup packet capture on the interface where the server is sitting and it did not receive anything regarding the traffic request that I have made).

If I disable the pfblocker rule to accept traffic coming from cloudflare and disable the proxy in the cloudflare. If I try to access (I am using my synology surveillance station for testing). I can access the Surveillance station portal. So the Haproxy configuration is working.

Please help me identify what I have missed that is causing this problem. Please let me know what information you want me to provide so you can help me identify what I have missed to make this work.

What happens when you try to access the site in a browser? Do you get a timeout or an error page like the one below or something else?

Hi, Paolo.

Thanks for reply, yes that is the error that I am getting.

I just realize there are version are 2 versions of haproxy (haproxy version 0.61_5 and haproxy-devel version 0.62_8). I have currently installed haproxy 0.61_5, should I be using haproxy-devel 0.62_8. Should this be the cause of my problem?