Cloud vs Hosted FreePBX

After a couple of years a client is interested in getting off traditional phone and going VOIP. The recently had an outage in the area cough ATT that lasted 2.5 days and it took ATT 2 hours to change forwarding. I have tested doing an wireless backup at the location because it seems that when one carrier goes out the other on the street also has problems. I currently self host myself at my location using FreePBX as a vm and a clustered server with battery backup, and besides a few config errors have had 0 downtime (knocks on wood). I am just trying to get some community thoughts on what they have done with clients on the PBX front.

Any tips or suggestions woudl be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

We are currently doing FreePBX on site and VOIP MS as the back end. VOIP MS has a few options for forwarding to another number or sending to voicemail if it looses connections with the on premise system. We are testing with hosting a basic IVR setup using VOIP MS as the back end as they do support some basic PBX functions.

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Couldn’t be happier with :blush:

@LTS_Tom ditto trying to setup my S505 their wiki is nice but no Sansom which is no biggie. Are you guys able to set these up without a PBX and straight to

Also refreshing logging in this month with a balance of what I was paying month to month.

One of my staff got it working direct without a PBX but I have not really tested it much.

Yeah I got it working and sent the pic to them for wiki. Thanks again!