Cloud Key Gen 2+ No Internet

I just purchased a brand new Cloud Key Gen 2+ and plugged it in today to get it setup and no matter what I do it says that it does not have any internet.

I have SSH into the Cloud Key and confirmed that it has an IP and default gateway.

I can ping but ping to does not work on the cloud key. This would indicate good old DNS.

Does anyone know how to set DNS on a Ubiquity Cloud Key Gen 2+ ? I have been looking at unifi CLI commands but have found that they vary from device to device and can’t seem to find any for the cloud key

I figured out the issue.

On my pfSense router I still had IPv6 enabled on the WAN, as is the default.

Well apparently, the Unifi Cloud Key was trying to use IPv6 to phone home. It appears that Spectrum could not find the unifi hostname or any hostname for that matter and that was why the cloud key was giving the error “No Internet Detected”

May this help someone else in the future.

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