Cloud Key Ge 2 Plus for Home Use

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I have just recently purchased a Unifi system complete with a Cloud Key Gen 2 (CKG2+), unifi protect cameras, a PoE switch and some Access points. I am reading and watching all kinds of stuff related to the recent firmware upgrade for the CKG2+. Seems most are concerned with the lack of ability to host multiple sites. My question is: “Is this a big deal if it is used in a single residence for one residential network and unifi protect?” Any insight you have would be much appreciated.

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Hi Michael, I have the same dilemma, I have been using three AC pros with Unifi 8 port poe switch and USG, mainly to provide guest access at our pub. Whilst we are closed I was looking to integrate it all together with EPOS system with VLANs etc and I have just found out we are getting 1 GIG FTTP in the next two months. I decided to go from a hosted Cloud key at Linode and bought a Cloud Key gen 2, rack mount and 24 port switch two days before this all blew up.
I am now considering moving to TP link Omada which I use for our private internet and its been rock solid. My only concern with their latest controller it starting to look like a Unifi clone, perhaps Ubiquiti might buy them out?

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I’m a fan of the TPLink AP, I think their portal is a great solution, if you are in a pub I doubt you’ll want to issue a token to each drinker but you could easily. I don’t use Unifi but if you have a Guest vlan then it ought to work well already.

I don’t think this Unifi change affects you. Based on your description, I don’t think you will need to configure multiple sites. One site is perfect for a single home with multiple devices.

I have a cloud Key Gen 2 Plus for use in my home and this new firmware update really doesn’t affect me at all. I have turned off remote access and I only use the cloud key locally. No concern for me.

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Thanks for your replies. Looks like Ubiquiti made a change for multisite hosting. As davidvasc stated, I do not need to configure multiple sites. I am trying to understand the impact, if any, of the requirement of a Ubiquiti account, any thoughts?

Jeff3820, sounds like we have a similar use case. Are you using Unifi Protect and the Unifi cameras? My home remodel is finishing up soon, the network is installed, but not up and running yet, not until the remodel is finished.

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No cameras here for me. However, if I needed cameras then yes, for home use unifi cameras and protect would be my choice as I already have the controller and protect software


Thank you for your reply. Are you using a USG as your firewall/router? That is what I have and plan on using once the house gets done. I am hoping that Ubiquiti will be coming out with a new version of the USG with the same or very similar form factor.

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No, I use Pfsense as the router/firewall. I need access to openvpn and this is much easier to do on Pfsense.