Client Defense Matrix: The MSP Stack We Use to Defend Our Clients

Our client Defense Matrix and tools we use in our MSP stack as of September 2023


Thanks for posting this. So many tools out there, the CIPP and AutoElevate are two I had never heard of that could solve a lot of problems for me.


@LTS_Tom Since Zorus is only DNS filtering, why not using instead?

There is not any granular per client, per workstation control when use just

You guys are amazing for posting this! There’s so much valuable information

Wow this is really handy. Thank you for your service to the community.

I’m currently demo’ing Blumira. One issue I’m seeing is using Blumira to cover our network stack, when most of it is Unifi. Currently it appears that Blumira doesn’t support Unifi. Talking with their reps it sounds like you can partially wedge in some Unifi logging but it’s going to be janky and also Unifi doesn’t support dynamic block lists as far as I can tell. Assuming you still have a lot of Unifi deployed how to you use Blumira with it @LTS_Tom?

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We use pfsense for the firewalls which is supported and we use UniFi switches I don’t bother getting switch logs.

What server monitoring tools that you use since you no longer use Zabbix?

Some internal servers are monitored by Uptime Kuma and the rest are monitored by Auvik.