Cleaning up Debian expressly used for Xen Orchestra?

So I have a small computer running Debian and use it just for the “community” version of Xen Orchestra. I went to update today and it says I don’t have enough room. I cleared out a couple of things and made enough, but I’m now back down to 700mb free. It is only a 16gb disk, again very limited use machine.

The end of the update process said leaving the last three versions of XO, and each version is slightly bigger than 500mb. Can I just delete old versions if I know I won’t be needing to go backwards? This is on my lab system so nothing will die if I completely lose this machine.

Where else should I be looking for disk bloat, seems I should have more like 3gb free. I’m using XFCE as a desktop.

Unless you need the old versions, delete them, also I would not even load a desktop to free up more space.

I still need a desktop for some things, not enough experience to get through without it yet. Yes it is a crutch.

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Throw the desktop crutch and adopt the forum crutch.