Cleaning up Debian expressly used for Xen Orchestra?

So I have a small computer running Debian and use it just for the “community” version of Xen Orchestra. I went to update today and it says I don’t have enough room. I cleared out a couple of things and made enough, but I’m now back down to 700mb free. It is only a 16gb disk, again very limited use machine.

The end of the update process said leaving the last three versions of XO, and each version is slightly bigger than 500mb. Can I just delete old versions if I know I won’t be needing to go backwards? This is on my lab system so nothing will die if I completely lose this machine.

Where else should I be looking for disk bloat, seems I should have more like 3gb free. I’m using XFCE as a desktop.

Unless you need the old versions, delete them, also I would not even load a desktop to free up more space.

I still need a desktop for some things, not enough experience to get through without it yet. Yes it is a crutch.

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Throw the desktop crutch and adopt the forum crutch.

It’s safe to delete old versions. You can also edit xo-install.cfg and set preserve to lower value. It controls how many old installations are kept.

I have it set for “keep 2” now which is helping.

Yeah, on such a size restricted machine, any desktop environment will typically be the biggest “bloat” culprit - even XFCE.

So in the name of working on your cli-fu:

  • Use ncdu to scan and get an overview of what’s eating your disk usage. As root:
apt install ncdu
ncdu /
  • If using ext4, you might want to look at the filesystem reserved blocks. Usually defaults to 5%, not much to play with but might help if you’re scrounging around for a few hundreds of MB. Be careful not to set this to 0%, especially on an active root filesystem. In a pinch, you might set it to 1%, perform necessary maintenance/cleanups and revert to 5% after. Can be performed while mounted, again as root:
# view current reserved block count, assuming / is mounted to sda1
tune2fs -l /dev/sda1 | grep 'Reserved block'
# adjust to 1%
tune2fs -m 1 /dev/sda1

Obviously heed the usual run as root precautions. ncdu will gladly delete /etc or even / if you ask it to while running privileged.

Thanks! Appreciate the Linux tutorials, I really need to spend more time learning this type of OS.

I did buy a dedicated device for this, but not much time spent on it yet… I bought a Devterm A06 for a few tasks, and because it was neat and I liked what they were doing. With Manjaro running it seems to be mostly complete now. A little off topic, but interesting too. Now Pi4CM compatible if that is something you want, or Pi4CMS which is Pi3CM compatible. Waiting for more cores and more ram to get into RISC V.