CkearlyIp vs Sangoma Phones

Anyone have any experience with ClearlyIp phones. Catching my eye because amount of SIP accounts the models can handle. Porting over 5 lines and can do 8 with ClearlyIP for roughly $60 less than Sansom 6 SIP model.

We’ve used them. They work great. I’ve got one 270, one 250, and a bunch of 230’s. No issues so far, but we’ve only had them for a little less than a year. We manage them through the ClearlyIP plugin.

Thanks so much about to pick up one or two

We use them as well. Great group of people to work with. Phones work great and support is always great to work with as well. We’ve been installing them regularly over the past few months. Reselling is pretty good too.

Yes was looking at the reselling because they let you brand them at sucha lower number.