Cisco RV340 for site-to-site VPN: Garbage?

Hi all,

In the next few months I will be on domestic travel for about 14 weeks and will need to use a VPN to connect to my home network to access files and scientific data for a project. I will be provided with a Cisco RV340 router, basic unmanaged Cisco PoE switch, Cisco ASA 5505 (base license), and Unifi AC-Lite for an AP. However, my home network uses pfSense and obviously offers OpenVPN for a VPN protocol. Is it better to invest in an SG-1100 or SG-3100 from Netgate and use OpenVPN instead of L2TP or IPsec and just do away with the Cisco ASA?

My preference is to use pfsense

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Dittos, you know it works.

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