Cisco Router Replacement Advice

I’m looking to replace some Cisco 1921 routers that we use to route traffic between locations over Comcast ethernet, so I have a standard 100m ethernet drop at each site. Looking for suggestions on what to replace them with. There is not a lot of traffic going over them. I know pfsense can be used as just a router, but does that make sense? Maybe Ubiquiti Edge router?

pfsense can do router only mode but I am not sure that UniFi can do that. I think the edge devices from Ubiquity can but I am not sure how much longer those are going to be supported.

Are you having issues with the existing routers?

He probably needs to replace them because they will be End of Life as of September 23. End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco 1941 and 1921 Integrated Services Routers - Cisco

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