Cisco CBS250/350 switches

Anyone done much with these switches? Cisco CBS250/350 switches.

I’m looking at the 24 port PoE switch and then an 8 port non PoE swtich ideally powered via PoE.

I have one I am working on a review for, no real issues with it. The web interface was better than some of the Cisco switches I have tested in the past.

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Look forward to the review :slightly_smiling_face:

I was looking at the Aruba Instant On switches, but more interested in the Cisco switches and happy to host the controller etc.

Yeah, that part has not worked well at all and their licensing on it is of course very “Cisco”

My understanding is free if below 25units.

Mmm re the controller. I looked at the online demo and looked pretty comprehensive

I have to see if there are updates, but when I first tested they simply gave you a VirutalBox OVA file to import that didn’t broke while updating. At the time I tested they did not have an installer (Unless things have changed).

There is an installer for unbuntu when I looked yesterday.

OvA for ESXi / virtual box
Ubuntu installer

Download link for Looks like they updated it, latest release is

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Nowhere to go but up from the SG and SF series. Never was a fan of the GUI and feel it was easy enough to find Catalyst switches for a reasonable price anyway. Looking forward to seeing the review @LTS_Tom.

Can the Catalyst be managed via CBD? I’ve worked on 2650, 3850, 4948 and N9K switches recently.

Not sure, but I would use Ansible instead if you want to centralize access and configs.