CISCO Anyconnect connection and loose internet connections

Hi Everyone,

New to pfsense , I had set up a pfsense router and got the internet and local networks to work.

However when I connect to my office with CISCO Anyconnect all the internet to the computer I am using loose connections in the browser , it seems like it just sets up the vpn tunnel to the office and blocks all local and established internet connections.

My old CISCO Meraki Security Appliance and other routers dont seem to have this issue.

Not sure where to look ?

Thank You in Advance.

I don’t have much experience with Cisco Anyconnect but here are some things to try:

Haven’t had a problem. Have a client that requires Anyconnect to get a network login, goes from my desk top through pf-Sense 2.6 previously 2.5 runs on an i3 with intel nics and have had zero issues.