Cisco AnyConect VPN Issue

I connect to my work through the CISCO AnyConnect VPN client, and lately I have been facing constant disruptions where the VPN client keeps disconnecting. I reviewed the logs exported via the DART utility and only activity happening at the time of disconnection says: IKE session deleted with internal reason code 5 - Lost contact with peer. This happens right after: Send NAT keepalive packet local IP address:37905 remote IP address:37905.

I have searched CISCO forums and have not found any solution. One post from 11 years ago on Stack talked about changing the Firewall Optimization Options to Conservative , that did not do anything either.

Hardware: wired connection into the work laptop from the pfSense appliance

Any help is greatly appreciated.

What happens if you connect from another location / over your phone ? If the same thing happens it’s either the server or your device. I doubt you can do much if all you have is the client.