Chromecast, pfSense, Avahi and Pi-Hole

I’m sure there’s an easy fix/explanation here but I can’t seem to get it working.

I have a chromecast setup and have it working across vlans with the Avahi service on pfSense.

I use a pi-hole for most of the devices on my network but not all. If I connect my phone for example to the pi-hole for DNS I lose access to my chromecast within the YouTube app. If I just put my DNS back to it can see the Chromecast fine.

Is there a setting that I need to enable on the pi-hole to allow the chromecast to work with local machines using it for DNS?

If you want to use pi-hole and chrome cast then do you have your pi-hole upstream configured to point to your pfsense for DNS?

Hmm yeah ok - my pi-hole is connecting to a cloudflared docker container that I’m using for dns over https.

I must of misunderstood how it was all working - I thought the Chromecast mDNS part would be what was used locally. I guess I’m still a bit confused :frowning:

Avahi is setup on pfsense to assist with chrome cast but if you have pi-hole for DNS and the upstream is cloud flare then there isn’t any assistance from pfsense

Ok - I thought it was to allow for discovery over VLANs.

It might be but, you aren’t querying pfsense for DNS then which is how avahi works. If you are pointing your dns to pi-hole and then upstream to cloud flare then your devices won’t be seen

@nug I would make pihole be the upstream dns for pfsense. If you do this I believe it should work.

It sounds like you may have tried to do the reverse. I would just put pihole as the dns server provided in pfsense dhcp