Chromecast and mobiles devices are different vlans


Gone through video installed pfsense, assigned two vlans, vlan10 for Chromecast, vlan10 mobile device.

I want to create firewall rule to show as follows

mobile#1 ------able to cast -----------------Chromecast#1
Mobile#2 ------- able to cast ----------------- Chromecast#2

At present mobile#1 and Mobile#2 able to see both Chromecast#1 and Chromeast#2

Could you help me.

Create a separate network for each phone/Chromecast pair.

+1 for what Tom said.

Unless you have a really good reason not to I would put the phone and Chromecast on the same vlan. They do some stuff using broadcast packets so you will make life much easier for yourself doing it that way around.

You can also have them in different VLAN but makes things harder, you need something like mDNS / AVAHI to make this possible and of course routes in your GW/ FW to allow the communication.