ChromeBook for non technical staff?

Has anyone rolled out to the non technical staff in your company? The sales and marketing teams all have laptops but it’s time to switch. I was thinking of switching to ChromeBooks to be simpler, lighter, and smaller then the bulky laptops they have now. The big tools they use are GSuite, InvoiceNinja and WordPress. I don’t think GSuite or InvoiceNinja will be a problem but the people in marketing might struggle maintaining the website. Let me know what your thoughts and experiences is rolling out a solution like this.

I implemented ChromeOS PCs and Laptops for our sales and customer support staff here at work a few years ago. I didn’t want to have to deal with managing Mac or Windows devices.
It has worked very well since we run on GSuite.
Whenever someone quits or gets fired we just factory reset their computer in a matter of minutes and it is ready to go for the next employee.

I would recommend you get a good amount of memory though, the first computers we bought only had 2GB of ram and I ended up having to upgrade them all to 4GB or 8GB because they would crash when they ran out of memory. This was a few years ago though so it may have just been a bug with the OS.

Also we bought most of these before all of the new ChromeOS enterprise management stuff was really established so may be worth looking into. Basically just allows you to remotely manage the devices sort of like an MDM solution. If it came included we would probably use it but not worth the extra $50 per year per device for us.

As far as WordPress goes, it should be fine for marketing department since it is all web based. I manage 10+ WordPress websites and I can do pretty much anything on them from a web browser.
Only thing I could potentially see being an issue is if they need access to Photoshop or other design tools.