Chrome remote desktop over wireguard VPN

I have a site-to-site VPN between two locations. It had been IPSec and worked without issue for years, but I recently replaced the routers and now use Wireguard for the site-to-site VPN. There is a Windows computer at one site that I occasionally access via Chrome Remote Desktop through my web browser, or from my phone. Since replacing the routers, and changing the type of VPN, I cannot reliably access that computer via Chrome Remote Desktop from the other location. It works on the same site LAN and from an outside internet connection (my phone’s mobile service), but from the other site after entering the device PIN I just see a blank screen. I’ve not experienced any other issues over the VPN. Is there a firewall rule or Wireguard setting that might help? Oddly if I first connect to the computer via RDP, from the remote side of the VPN, and then attempt to access it via the browser I can successfully use Chrome Remote Desktop, which kills the RDP session.