Choosing the correct fibre nics, cable and switch


Hope you dont mind me asking for abit of help / advice,

I am looking to upgrade the speed from my home server to my main office pc. Currently my office has cat 5e cabling in the internal walls so I can’t really upgrade that but I maybe able to run one cable from a switch to my main pc and one to my server. Anyone got any recommendations for some second hand 10gb or 25gb nics and a switch. It’s only for a small home office so don’t need any really expensive enterprise grade stuff but understand I need to spend some cash.

Thanks in advance

If you are going 10GB there are plenty of cards and using a DAC SFP+ for a shorter run makes it affordable.

Is your switch capable of 10gbe or 25gbe? Otherwise you can buy 10gb SFP+ optical devices in the 850nm (SR range) cheap on ebay, like $8 per device. Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL SFP+SR/SW 10Gb/s 850nm Multimode SFP+ Transceiver | eBay

Short cables are cheap too, here is a 30 meter cable from one of the first results I found (do more digging for cheaper and specific lengths)

Optical is not that expensive anymore unless you are going for cutting edge like 100+gbe, 10gbe is mostly leftovers now.

Yes I know. cat 6a or cat7 is not horribly expensive either, probably cheaper for short runs and “easier” to work with for most people. But with the availability of different fiber cables in different lengths all pre-terminated, not much of a barrier.

Thanks Tom and Greg

Just managed to get my hand on these - not sure which one would be better

D-link DGS-1210-24 and a HP 1810G-24

The HP has 2 fibre ports which are 23s and 24s and the D-Link has 21F 22F 23F and 24F ports

i also have two of these Dell FTRJ8519P1BNL which came with the D link switch

Are these any use to use?

ahh just checked. i see the FTRJ8519P1BNL is only 1.25gb and 2.2 gb speeds? if thats the case would the switches take something like the FTLX8571D3BCL to get 10gb speeds between my main pc and server - If i went for something like two of these - Dell (Finisar) FTLX8571D3BCL 10Gb/s 850nm SFP Optical Fiber Transceiver 727422262303 | eBay and then used the D-Link Switch 1 cable from 1 SFP+ to the switch the other cable from the other SFP+ to my server and add a uplink cable from this switch to my existing 1gb switch? so data between the server and main pc would be going via the fibre link?

sorry i hope that makes sence.