Choosing the correct equipment for a 2 location network setup

Hello everyone, its me again coming with another networking questions, this time is for my own place, I have 2 locations that I want to connect, one is my house, so main location, and another is my grandmas house that is about 120 meters in a straight line (we are both in different buildings but I have line of sight). I made this topology so hopefully someone can tell me what you think of it.
I was thinking going the edge line (given that later I will need to setup a more larger and complicated setup on a farm, several wireless ptp connections with cameras and different devices, and I want to connect both with a vpn to have a smooth flow of information and connections) but I was also debating the merits of pfsense and unifi for my home and later farm project.

Go with pfSense and Unify access points. You may want to go with the directional Unify for the connection to your Grandma’s. Much more control with pfSense you’ll probably sleep better. PfSense offers easy set up updates and use pfBlocker add on. Tom has really good videos on pfSense with Unify.