Choosing Correct Ubiquiti PtMPt

I’m very familiar with the Unifi equipment. However, not so much with the Ubiquiti WISP equipment. I need to set up two small marinas. Is there an article or video that will assist in picking the correct point-to-multipoint wireless gear?

I did some searches and really didn’t come up with what I’m looking for- a practical comparison between the product lines. When I describe my scenario, I get “experts” that suggest each of the different products (LTU vs airMax vs Unifi), so that isn’t a help. I need to understand the products and make the choice myself.

Yes, I’ve found plenty of videos on setting up each one- I’m looking for more of a comparison between them.


They have some overlap in their offering but on this page Ubiquiti | Operator | MultiPoint Wireless Technology they break it down a bit better showing the performance VS less expensive options they are currently offering.

Thank you for the response Tom. Yes- that is very helpful and I did trip across that page right after I posted this.

We’re looking at setting up three individual docks within the marina, each with a gigabit switch. Each dock will have two cameras and two Unifi AP’s. My concern at this point is the number of users on a nice summer day- there can be 40+ boats per dock. If you consider 4-6 people/phones per boat on let’s say half the boats, you’re looking at just over 100 people per dock, or 50 per AP (assuming everything was distributed evenly, which it won’t be). If you divide up all that bandwidth, you’re getting into some pretty low numbers. So I may have to beef this up a bit and start thinking about multiple point-to-point systems and multiple switches per dock with more AP’s.

If anyone has some rules of thumb to use on numbers of users, etc., I’m all ears.

We have done a few marinas, plan on more WiFi access points because the WiFi does not penetrate the boats very well.

Chris over at Crosstalk Solutions did a marina video with how he would do things, might be worth a look? Grecian Port PTMP Wireless Design - YouTube

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THANK YOU- that was excellent and right on target.

OK- so now my next question… client access points. Do I go with many Unifi AC-HD’s all over the place and close to the boats/clients, or one Unifi WiFi BaseStation XG at the head end of each dock with a narrow beamwidth?

I just had a colleague go with a friend on a boat trip down the east coast, and he said every marina he was in “used the Ubiquiti panels.” I know they are $1500 each, however, the cost difference is negligible when I consider that it can replace several HD’s.


The BaseStation XG only does 5GHz and I don’t think they sell it anymore as it has not been in stock for a long time. 2.4 goes much further and through things better.

You can also go over to:
and use their tool. It will pretty much tell you which APs will work for the bandwidth you are trying to get out of them.

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