Choosing and working with (potential) Data Centers

We currently have offices in 6 different states and have grown into an need for some space in a data center. I was wondering if anyone has experience in working with the centers sales teams and what to look/look out for while choosing one?

A lot would depend on your business needs in my opinion. Publicly traded companies might require a certain tier for Sox purposes. Also, location relative to your businesses might be a factor.

We made our decision based on price, remote hands support, and their power/circuit redundancy. Ultimately we decided we:

  1. did not want to justify a ridiculous cost
  2. needed the option to work with someone over the phone to verify blinking lights (or lack thereof), move a cable, plug in a laptop with console for webex to avoid driving/travelling
  3. never wanted to hear “We lost power”

Over selling, pricing, security issues, slas. Depending on the locations of your offices you may want to look for a company that has DCs central to your locations also connectivity what carriers and diverse routes. Support for SD-WAN.