Choosing an NVR

Anyone know if this is worth while if you shim some SSD’s in there?

Not sure what you would want SSD but they should work.

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Would it have any problems with a non unifi camera?
Reddit shows the community may have some work arounds:

Yeah workarounds work until they don’t, unless you keep the same firmware, cludges are a waste of time if your CAMS need to be operational.

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I guess an alternatate NVR would be preferred if that is the case. I really wanted to use HIKVision cameras anyway, they are much higher quality.

It’s probably a better bet to get a NAS from QNAP or Synology, they support quite a range (not unifi on QNAP at least). However they are getting greedy for additional license fees, you need to check what you can run out of the box without additional fees.

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Do you know of any linux builds for an NVR if I wanted to build my own? I have to say I am not impressed with what i’m seeing out there in terms of hardware.

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Zoneminder is out there but it didn’t recognise one of my CAMs. Tricky to get it going, at least for me, you might have better luck.

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I have the best DVR from HikVision … It is pure… Well it has a lot in common with Comcast. Ya know, it smells bad and belongs in a toilet? Yeah HikVision cams… fantastic! The DVR? I hate it. I wish I could have my money back from day one using it. Not HikVision. I should take pictures of the pcb inside that thing… It is a joke. I literally have android TV boxes with more abilty to move bits around then DVR from hikvision. It CANT EVEN record all cameras at the same time!! It crashes! ROFL. If someone mentions hik for anything but the awesome IoT access control, sensors, cams. i.e. a surveillance software. Say no thanks. Also take that guy off the xmas list, he is no friend. (If my friend reads this , it is ok you didn’t know. I forgive you. lol)

I have always wanted to DIY something for this. It is on a back burner sadly.


Here is a list. Give one of these a try? I would love to hear what your experience is and what hardware you run this on, I am quite keen. I just don’t have that kind of time right now.

Awesome Open Source - NVR

Yeah, HIK cams are really next level but only if you don’t buy the low end, the good ones i’m seeing are around 600-800 usd a piece.

I just feel really apathetic towards the DVR market in general, it’s not offering much and most of it demands a unilateral approach to equipment selection.

thanks for the links OMCN
I picked a few reasonable looking ones from it.

We have alhua camera and some korean brand camera… Can the NVR detect them? Is it Ok to have a server and create different VMs? We have 100 CCTVs and grouping them is a good option too but using 1server/NVR if possible.

IP Cam NVR seem to be limited by licensing as to which cameras they detect. I’m not familiar with yours, a ‘free’ linux NVR is unlikely to have that ability.
The Unifi NVR definitely won’t do what your wanting it to do. That is the crux of my dilemma, in order to choose an NVR you’d have to replace all the cameras to something that is compatible if it doesn’t meet your compatibility requrement.
As to CCTV cams, that is not something NVR’s are compatible with unless it’s IP based.

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