Check If Your Password Is In Troy Hunts The Have I Been PWNED List & How It Works

Great video, thx !

Request for a new topic - can you talk about how to handle headless device remote reboots, like Intel Nuc, if they don’t have IPMI ?

Thanks, but I don’t understand the question and there is category for Video Suggestions

So I was wondering if partial password check would work and the answer is no, sha1 from full vs partial password are different.

echo 1234567890 | openssl sha1
(stdin)= 12039d6dd9a7e27622301e935b6eefc78846802e

echo 12345 | openssl sha1
(stdin)= 2672275fe0c456fb671e4f417fb2f9892c7573ba

The Computerphile has a good video on how SHA1 works.