Check for Failing SFP+ Module Unifi Switch

Hello All,

I’m having some internet dropouts on my gaming desktop. (internet drops out for 15 seconds or less) I have checked the system logs in my pfSense firewall and don’t see any high ping times or gateway issues reported by dpinger when the internet drops out on my desktop.

I have my desktop connected to a US-16-XG at 2.5G with a 10G module model UF-RJ45-10G Revision 2.

I know on Cisco you can show interface counters, but couldn’t find anything similar on Unifi dashboard. My Google foo found a reddit post from 6 years back that wasn’t helpful as the Unifi has been overhauled, and some references to accessing log files through the CLI, but I feel like there has to be some other way to access that information. If not, to the CLI I go.

I appreciate the help.

Pfsense has a dashboard deal called “interface statistics” it will show you any errors counts on each interface.

Some of the older UniFi models had a way to go into the command line and look at it but I think that has been removed from the devices.

Hi, I have just done some playing and hope the following might help. I will throw a warning out though. Anything you do is at your risk. I have done the following on my own XG-16 10 gb switch.

  1. First check if you have Device SSH authentication enabled located in under the System settings.

  2. If enable and you can see a unique username / password. Continue.

  3. ssh into the XG-16. User the username / password defined.

  4. once you are connected

  5. Telnet (you should see the command prompt like (ubnt) >

  6. type enable

  7. now you can run some familiar types of commands, like show run etc.

  8. enter: show interfaces status all

  9. you can use the [tab] key after a command to list the options available.

If you want to see the stats of a specific interface, the format would be

show interface 0/x like my example shown here.

Once you have the info you are looking for, type exit to exit the ‘enable’ mode. Then again to exit the telnet connection.

For confirmation, I am running UniFi OS 2.4.27 (on a UDM-Pro) which is running Network Version 7.2.97

I hope this is helpful.
Kind Regards, Colin.

Update: It appears to be a Destiny 2 related issue. Other games and web browsing work without issue.

I appreciate the replies and tutorials. They allowed me to confirm it is just the game that is having issues.