Check firewall rule

I believe I have my IP-Cameras blocked using firewall rule block_ipcamera. Alias is camera ip address. I would like to open a port for email. I made an attempt with rule, but don’t know if my rule was screwed or the camera being a problem. Hopping someone could show my how to do this.

I would add a rule on line two for the camera as the source to be able to send traffic out port 25.

I support @FredFerrell’s suggestion, although I would add that you should check in your camera’s settings or using a packet monitor which port is used for outgoing email. Port 587 is the standard port for SMTP with transport encryption, with port 465 also being used sometimes.

Thanks much for the reply’s… Rule as suggested, using 465 no-go. also no log entry in firewall. Guess it’s the camera.

Well, if it worked before blocking all internet access then surely there is a way to make it work

Try port 25. Many IOT devices use the most insecure protocols…