Cheap DIY Single Pane Network Monitoring

I have several buildings I want to be able to manage. I don’t want to need to remote into consoles or into firewalls to get a feel of whats going on. Anything that can give me a status and the ability to monitor, find issues, and give me buttons and dials I can use in resolving issues would be awesome. I don’t want to be stuck with a massive monthly fee for 3rd party software or licenses. I would like to monitor VPN tunnels, firewall, connected devices, get notifications on outages and newly attached devices. Also a sense of how much bandwidth devices are pulling from the network. For additional information on managed clients, I can use our end point protection software to dig deeper.

our locations have have general office equipment and a 300Mbps-1Gb internet connection. We do not run on-prem servers. I will start this journey by doing a ground up re-engineering of a warehouse. 42 end points. All equipment between the modem and client will be on the table to be replaced. It is going to be a Firewall, 4 vlans, a main switch ~16 ports, small scattered 12-24 port switches, and access points capable of creating a mesh network that will get very little use but coverage needs to be good.

I am not Linux savvy, but I can follow good documented instructions. I can manage configuring your average small business equipment and UI based enterprise equipment reasonably well. I can follow well documented CLI commands. I have a good grasp of the network stack. Most other things I can Google.

The closest thing that is open source would probably be and they have good docs but it’s a lot to configure.

I am going to try TP-Link Omada at first. I might try and use Zabbix and SNMP to add additional monitoring. If I feel I need more from the firewall, I might look to replace the TP-Link firewall with pfSense.

pfsense has a package for zabbix to do monitoring.

Great, thanks for the info.