Changing face of Datacenter Power (video)

This is a fascinating video about the way Datacenters are changing in the world of AI. It’s quite eye opening. The last time I was involved directly in datacenter management was the early 2000s when Blade servers had just come about. We were hand wringing over the power and cooling density of that stuff. AI completely changes the equation! There is some really shocking stats discussed by the people on the panel.

The panel also gets into the human element and they make a great case for datacenter jobs being a fantastic career path in 2024. While AI can be a challenging tech space to get into, Datacenters require a diverse range of skillsets. Datacenter infrastructure is due to triple over the next 5-10 years. They’re going to need people to make that happen.

I thought I’d share it with this community as I know many of you will enjoy this.

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