Changing Default Gateway IP

Hi Everyone! Newbie to the forum here …

I do the IT work for a radio station and we are changing routers from the ISP one to a EdgeRouter Lite. The current router has an IP of and I have setup the EdgeRouter to have a IP address. We have a managed switch, Windows Server, iDRAC and a couple computers and a Barix box on static assigned IP’s. I was wondering, since the default gateways will be the .254 address, will I still be able to get in to the server (via RDP) and the switches web interface if the default gateway changes?

Also, I setup a VPN on the EdgeRouter without an internet connection, when I hook everything up to the stations internet, will the VPN work or will I have to reconfigure it on the stations internet (they have a static IP)

Cheers in advance!

You have to configure the network to match, they need to have to proper default gateway.

Hi Tom,

Thanks! But as it happens, I am awear of this from my experience. I should have phrased the question better, sorry!

What I wanted to know is would I still be able to access the devices listed through their web interfaces and RDP to change their default gateway settings so those devices can access the Internet.

If you are on the same subnet you should be able to get to those systems.