Ceph Expert Wanted

My organization is looking to create a Ceph cluster for hypervisor storage. We have started a test cluster using cephadm running with CephFS, with 3 storage nodes and 3 monitor/manager nodes. We plan on moving to a 40G backend network with a 10G frontend network. We would also like to move management and the dashboard to a OOBM network.

We are looking for experience Ceph users who would be willing to spend some time with us during business hours who could provide valuable information about Ceph. Any pitfalls to avoid, best practices, or simple tricks to improve the workflow.

We are willing to provide payment for time. If anyone is interested or if you know of someone who would be willing to help, it would be very appreciated.

Reach out to https://www.45drives.com/ and see if they have time for some consulting.