Centralized printer management (including config, firmware updates, provisioning, etc)

Are there any OEMs doing anything with printers anywhere in the realm of Unifi, specifically central management and provisioning? I am aware of HP’s JetAdmin, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth. It seems like Java bloatware and is inconsistent on whether it can actually communicate with printers. Maybe some HP models work better, but it would be nice to have something vaguely similar to the Unifi controller and there being no guesswork as to which printers work with it.

I do not have a lot of experience with print servers yet, but that is definitely something I will want to expand on early next year. That would simplify a lot of things, but I do not imagine common print servers (Windows, CUPS) would do anything with config or provisioning.

There Is also PrinterLogic, which looks nice at a glance, but also comes with a not insignificant cost. If there’s nothing else, I could potentially make a cost justification here.

Our printers are mostly aging HP 400whatever, upgrading to newer models as they die off. We also have a number of Ricoh MFPs leased through RJ Young, which I realize this is a question I could also ask of them. Consolidating the desktop printers to just a few models may also be a result of all this.

Does anyone have any ideas?