Cellular Modems

During VLOG Thursday 291 Q&A there was some talk about Peplink cellular modems. Another well regarded brand is Cradelpoint. Both brands are more capable than the typical mobile hotspots.

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Roger M. Jenson

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And if you want capable but on a bit more of a budget, Digi is a good choice too. We tested the EX15 and ended up choosing the EX50 just for 5G preparedness, for a deployment of 700-800 branch locations. They don’t have quite the same bonding capabilities but that’s what costs more with models from Peplink and Cradlepoint that have it. We do also have several PepLink and Cradlepoint units in production where we need multiple carrier connections in one unit.

Thank you for pointing out an additional vendor. Access to product documentation before purchase is important to me so Digi hit one out of the park in my book.