CCTV - Blue Iris - Send alert photos to mobile device without VPN/open ports?

So, I’m currently setting up my new home CCTV system.

Blue Iris running locally on an i7-9700 with 1050Ti. Two IP cameras through my Cisco PoE switches. One cam is 8MP and the other is 4MP.

I’ve been using the Pushover API to send confirmed AI ‘person’ has been detected within my motion zones. The Pushover API is limited to 2.5MB for each notification and my 8MP is creating approx. 3.5MB files which Pushover ignores due to the size limit.

Blue Iris doesn’t allow me to reduce the alert image size when setup with AI. Either I reduce the cameras resolution but at a massive cost of image/video quality or I try work out some sort of solution to this problem.

I run WG VPN back to my house but sometimes I don’t connect and this would obviously stop my instant notifications like I get when running through Pushover. I want to get live notifications without the size limit.

Can I host something myself to cut out the limits of Pushover? I am running latest stable pfSense+ on bare-metal. I have plenty spare resources left on the Blue Iris/Jellyfin/general server.

Welcome to the forums, I don’t use Blue Iris so not sure what the solution would be as don’t know what other integrations they support. One solution that may work though is using Tailscale as an always on solution for your phone so the app can talk to Bule Iris.

Hello Tom! Apologies, I had so many other ‘life’ things going on when I signed up - this got completely forgotten.

Tailscale could be a good option. I’m still looking into my entire setup as things have changed slightly since I was last here inJuly.

Due to your good-self and other fab YouTubers I’ve bought into the whole TrueNAS Scale thing. I’m still debating if I made the right choice by going down the Scale route and not Core. Anyhow, I’ve got a baremetal TrueNAS Scale setup on a i5-6500 with 16GB RAM.

At this point, I’m enjoying Scale so much I’d like to offload all my Blue Iris to the TrueNAS system instead of leaving my ‘gaming’ rig on 24/7 as my Blue Iris server.

It is such a shame Blue Iris will only run on Windows.