Cat5e to Cat6 runs UK

Hi, I’ve been in my new in the UK for approx 2months now. The current setup (see attached image) is FTTH although I only have a 300mbps connection at the moment with a future plan to have a 1gb line installed. There are 3-4 runs throughout the house that the builder installed, there are all Cat5e runs. I’m looking to install a Unifi network with the rack in the loft space. I was planning on running Cat6 lines. My question is, can I couple a Cat5e to a Cat6 to extend the existing runs up to the loft area up to a Cat6 patch panel or would I have to continue the Cat5e runs to the patch panel adding Cat5e Keystones just for those runs?

I would guess if you are thinking about 10G then I think you can still get 10G on 5e over 30m might be more. Couplers won’t be an issue.

Though if you are thinking about changing the cable now would be the time if you are also thinking of running more line, from my experience you can never have too many plus it’s handy to use LACP between switches.