Cat 6a termination help

Hi all,
Upgrading my home during a remodel and we will be putting in cat 6a cabling in. I will be putting in a server rack to hold the gear and installing a patch panel. Im having some trouble picking a proper cat 6a patch panel. I wasn’t planning on using shielded wiring for home use. Thanks for the suggestions, also looking for wall plate 6a suggestions. Thanks!

I really recommend using a keystone patch panel. This would allow you to mix and match the connections as there are a lot of options for keystones.


Thanks! I was referencing that video to get going. My hang up was the cat 6 vs 6a. Is it that big of a deal for a home user to have 6a cable and 6 keystones? Thanks for the input!

CAT6A is way thicker than cat6, so trying to put a cat6A cable into a CAT6 keystone will be pretty difficult.
So if your using cat6a cable, go for cat6A keystone, your install will be much easier :wink:

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For sure! Any recommendations for 6a keystones to fit the panel that was listed in the video? Hard to sift through the junk on amazon.

I would go for something like this:

Because then you don’t need to shrink the cable to a rj45 clip, how thicker the cable the more difficult it gets.

Thanks for the link. My concern is if those fat shielded keystones will fit in a traditional patch panel. Im using unshielded cable. Does anyone have any experience with any particular unshielded keystone brand. There seems to be some serious junk for sale on amazon.
Thanks all.

With the thicker and bonded pairs in 6a, those jacks that punch from the end are really much easier to work with. There is a cheap plastic tool that helps hold the jacks while you are punching them down, I suggest getting one.

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Thanks for the help, good looking stuff. Just what I needed. Cant wait to follow up with some photos after my project. Thanks all.