Cash Bountry for MPTCP in pfSense

I am greatful that this week’s SDWAN Failover and Bandwidth Aggregation video is helping guide much-needed eyeballs towards MPTCP.

MPTCP is a badly needed feature for the “rest of us” that don’t have ready access to any, much less to affordable and reliable, Gbps home ISPs.

As a pfSense user since pfSense’s birth, I have been pursuing getting MPTCP support into pfSense, not just into OpenWrt, since May 2021, when I articulated the reasons why this is needed in a related post.

Since, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and posted an official pfSense Cash Bounty for adding the 6-year old, stalled, MPTCP feature to pfSense.

If you know of a qualified indivivdual to implement this open source feature, I encourage you to make them aware of the bounty offer.

If you too would like to see MPTCP support in pfSense, I encourage you to get in touch to combine efforts.

It is possible to get stalled features into pfSense by offering a bounty. I know for fact, because I successfully traveled this path before when I posted (and paid out) the cash bounty to add IPv6 support to pfSense in 2011.

Big Thanks,
– Lucky