Career coaching for senior level positions?

I’ve been in my current position for 21 years as technology manager for a small/medium enterprise…Besides overseeing exponential growth of technology, from a few isolated computers to everything fully interconnected and integrated, I have also designed and implemented a private metro area network connecting a few dozen sites around a city, managed the smooth replacements of legacy systems (some that have been in use since the 1970s), integrated legacy systems with the newer systems, replaced many phone systems with a single Asterisk system, supervised a small staff, do operational budgets and capital planning, report to commissions, councils and boards, etc., so I would say my skills are fairly robust at low and high levels. I am fairly happy at my present position and am fairly compensated, so not looking for an immediate change, but as my kids are now moved out of the house (and across the country), my wife and I are thinking about our future and whether we stick in the same area or look at moving elsewhere (would only do so for significant financial step up). I should note, I have little desire to run my own business.

Since it’s been a long while since I’ve seriously looked for work, I’m wondering if anyone has used any career coaches who specialize in senior level tech positions? I’m looking at something like that to help me learn to market myself and maybe determine what additions to resume might be worthwhile to get for CTO type positions. I had a trial from Indeed, but their service definitely seem more geared towards entry level people and seemed to have limited knowledge of the tech industry.

Curious if others are doing anything like that, or if the consensus here is career coaching is not worth its cost.

Hey there @egftechman . I have had similar experiences. 18 years of tech experience. Tons of useful skills. ZipRecruiter is all about contract gigs or entry level stuff. I’m not sure what a career coach would do, but if you get any great leads, please follow up here? =)

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Yep, most public listings are either looking for someone entry level or CTO/CIO. I guess I would look for a career coach or similar to help me market myself and my skills and experiences to go after the later, proving I have handled similar roles/responsibilities, even though I lack advanced degrees many are looking for those top level positions.

Oddly enough after posting this I had a headhunter cold call me with a mid-senior level position looking for some unique skills I have had very extensive experience with (automated metering infrastructure for electric/water/gas utilities) and is working with me to sell them to the potential future employer for the salary I want. We’ll see if it works out - like I said, I’m presently in a stable position that I generally like and fairly compensates me, nothing lost if it doesn’t work out.