Captive portal redirection issue in pfSense

Hi everyone!
I set up the captive portal in the latest pfSense and I could swear the redirection after acceptance of the rules (no authentication) was working earlier.
Now Windows clients get redirected to, other clients to other pages. DNS is pointed to OpenDNS, but that was always like that.
Any ideas of whats going on? What could be the problem?
Thank you!

I am not clear on what you are asking but if you want them to go to another page after the portal log in then you can specify that in the portal.

Yes. That is I think what I did. I am sure it was working before.
To illustrate the issue, I made a short video of it.
Any idea why it does not redirect to the set page , but to msn instead?
Also tested with a Xiaomi phone, which just shows upon connection a white page saying “You are connected”.

Make sure you have the “After authentication Redirection UR” set properly and if so you may be experiencing the unfortunate problem with captive portal. That even though there is a standard, many systems will not follow it so they will ignore the redirects.

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Thanks very much.
Yes, the URL is correct. I will experiment a bit more before giving up (different browsers, PCs,…), as I know it was working before. If I have success, I will post it.
Thanks for the advice and have a great weekend!

Not sure you are on Facebook, but in the pfSense group there I was just told others had the same issue too in 2.4.5 and that it was working before.
Possibly a bug?