Can't upgrade pfSense CE 2.6 to pfSense+ 23.01

Installed pfSense CE 2.6 on new computer to replace a failing computer. Was able to register the new instance and upgrade to pfSense+ 23.01. However, I ran into an issue with the original HDD and replaced it with an SSD. Installed a new, clean instance of pfSense CE 2.6. Configured it and have it up and running. When I try to register it to upgrade to 23.01, it says “Your device does not require registration, we recognize it already. You may have already registered, or it may be a pre-registered Netgate appliance.”. It won’t let me upgrade from the GUI or run pfSense-upgrade from the CLI. Anyone ever seen this before?

All set with this issue. I filed a ticket with TacLite. By the time I finished posting the issue on this forum, I got an e-mail back from NetGate support who fixed a problem on thier end. I was able to sucessfully upgrade to 23.01

I wanted to post a reply because I am super impressed that they fixed it so fast.

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They are great! Which is the entire reason I talked the company I work for into replacing all firewalls with netgate appliances. (About 15 locations!)