Can't ping VLAN computer with PIA connected

Hello All,

I noticed my computer can’t ping any VLAN devices with PIA connected. I have very simple firewall rules as below:

  1. My computer can go everywhere (i.e. wired to LAN);
  2. VLAN devices can go everywhere but not wired network.

I also tried to turn PIA Kill Switch off, but still can’t ping VLAN devices. I can only ping VLAN devices when PIA is actually disconnected on my computer.

Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Also Merry Xmas!


Sounds like it’s working exactly as it should based on what you have described! Unless you allow traffic into a vlan it will be blocked which is what you’d want i.e. sounds like you only defined 50% of the rule.

Hi neogrid, my firewall rule is that my LAN computer can go everywhere, including VLAN, but I can’t ping without turning off PIA connection.