Cant join domain behind a pfsense firewall

Hi i have a windows server 2019 that has a ad configure to it

now i moved to a new network pfsense behind the router user cannot join or access domain

i believe it has do with pfsense DNS settings

how to i go about it

example abc.local

Surely your Server 2019 server is doing DNS also? If so, just set the IP of that server as one of the DNS Servers in your DHCP scope:


This is how I have mine setup, with being my domain controller doing DNS.

Funny enough I played around with pfsense DNS settings and DNS resolver and it is working


This is perfect. Work bought me an SG-2100max to add to the network and take out the Dell Sonicwall as they were tired of paying fee’s for it. After getting everything switched, I was running into issues logging into other computer’s on the network, things that worked before the switch.
Would you also set DNS Server override in the General Setup?

Don’t blame them… not a fan of sonicwall! only good thing is their VPN client (NetExtender) and the policy-based VPN.
I haven’t touched any of the settings in general setup to get mine working. only the settings on the pfsense DHCP server

Luckily we don’t have any reason to work remotely. Our charting software is cloud based(emsCharts).Thanks for the reply.

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