Can't get Unifi Cameras ... looking at Digital Watchdog

I just learned from my Distributor to expect delivery (maybe) in December for most of the Unifi cameras and CloudKeyG2… so going to look at Digital Watchdog Spectrum as an alternative product to start selling which will also scale up higher than Unifi if needed. I’ve actually been considering this for a while. Even though I do really like the Unifi networking and video products it feels to me like they are losing their focus lately…

I know its been asked before, but anyone have experience with DW Spectrum from a software perspective primarily (it works with virtually anyone’s cameras). FYI, I tried Blue Iris (Windows only ugghh) and Synology (ok but slowwww) so hoping someone has experience with DW Spectrum.

December?! I almost wish you hadn’t told me :confused:

I know, it sucks. Of course, things can change, but that was directly from my Distributors’ Ubiquiti product specialist. No reply to my inquiries sent directly to Ubiquiti.