Can't get into browser panel

hey I got pfSense on a ProtectLi

It was working fine, then randomly I lost web browser access so I reset to factory settings via pfSense terminal plug in.

Now I can’t access the browser GUI via the usual even though it clearly says that is the IP in the pfSense terminal homescreen.

I tried resetting the interfaces, it’s even doing auto detection on the LAN port. And I tried plugging the cable in literally every port
I tr

Did your check the IP of the client that is trying to connect to the pfsense GUI? Set a static address on the same subnet (and outside the dhcp range). Did you change the default SSH port?

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From the pfsense console, you can specify LAN as enable DHCP and provide range. Your laptop (client) should get an ip from that range. If you disabled https, access with

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Can you please elaborate on how to change the static address of the client? Why do I want it OUTSIDE the DHCP range? don’t I need it to be inside to get a DHCP lease?

Didn’t change SSH port, it was reset to factory settings

If you assign a static ip within the range, DHCP is not notified so DHCP could issue that same ip to another client. If your range is .100-.200, make a static less than .100

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Somehow I resolved this. I reset it and changed both IPs 100 times and now it works. not 100% how

Thanks for your help